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Aysel, the new chatbot of our Bank, will greet you on our website. Aysel is our new colleague and virtual guide of yours. We do not want you to waste time on the site. Aysel will promptly inform you about the services and products of our Bank.

Aysel will inform individuals about loans, cards, deposits, money transfers and other Bank products and services. Our individual customers will be able to get information about credit products without visiting the Bank, without calling our Call Center, without wasting time. Our customer will know which card product has what advantages. Also, our customer will learn which money transfer system makes it easier to send money abroad. Our virtual colleague Aysel will do all this for you. All you have to do is talk to Aysel and say hello.

Aysel also knows by heart the terms of loans, cards, deposits and other tariffs for legal entities. If the founder or representative of the legal entity asks Aysel about corporate loans, she will get detailed information.

Aysel is always ready to inform you.