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Security rules

Security rules


Instructions on safe use of payment cards for internet payments

  •  Do not respond to fake e-mails asking questions about any personal information on behalf of the bank.
  • If this happens, immediately call the bank to check whether the letter is correct;
  • Don't use it when some fraudulent e-mails provide a link to other websites (even your own banking website), as such situations may redirect you to fraudulent websites;
  • Under no circumstances share information about you and your payment card (PIN-code, passwords related to bank resources, credit limit, transaction history, ID and driver's license) through Internet resources;
  • It is recommended to use a special payment card (except for salary, deposit, credit line cards) for online transactions. And do not add more money to your card account than you need;
  • Use only e-commerce stores connected to the well-known and repeatedly tested 3D Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure, etc.) program;
  • Before making a transaction, write down the contact numbers of the e-shop in a special memory book.
  • This method can help you get in touch with the e-shop to return the purchased item or resolve a dispute that arises when you are dissatisfied with the service provided;
  • Check the email address of the website you are going to visit (for example several times.
  • This is because scammers can redirect you to other fake pages that are similar to the ones you use;
  • Never use suspicious websites, such websites are created to steal your card information;
  • If you suspect that any website is fake during the transaction, immediately contact the bank and inform them, and leave that website and use another page;
  • Always check your email address and don't open them when you receive emails of unknown origin;
  • In order to ensure the security of personal identification information, bank account or card information, it is advisable to carry out operations through a personal computer;
  • Do not use random internet shopping websites.
  • These places can be equipped with special software that steals the information you enter;
  • When making transactions on the Internet through another computer, make sure that personal identification information, bank account or payment card information is not stored in the computer's memory after the transaction is completed;
  • Do not use simple passwords such as your date of birth or phone number to make a transaction;
  • Inform the bank immediately if there is any doubt about the reduction of funds on the bank account as a result of unauthorized operations;
  • By connecting to the SMS information service, you will immediately receive information about each transaction through your card via SMS.
  • To do this, select the "SMS notifications" section at any ATM of AFB Bank and enter your mobile number.
  • Service fee: monthly - 1.5 AZN;

Payment card security rules


  • In the United States, Canada and some countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia (Thailand, the Philippines), Eastern Europe (Ukraine, etc.) do not use chip technology so transactions in these countries are considered high risk. In order to reduce the risks, it is recommended to use payment cards with large amounts in these countries as little as possible;
  • The PIN-code together with the payment card is given only to its owner. The validity period of the card is the same as the last day of the month indicated on it. For example, 04/17 - the card is valid until 30.04.2017;
  • The PIN-code should be stored separately from the card, only in a place or known to you.
  • While entering the PIN-code at the ATM or POS-terminal, do not allow other people to see it;
  • Be careful while entering the PIN code.
  • If you incorrectly enter the PIN code three times in a row, your card will be blocked. In this case, apply to the Bank; keep receipts for each transaction you make with the card; get a statement from the Bank on your card account every month, and carefully check your transactions.
  • If you find any transaction that you have not performed, contact the Bank immediately; if your card is lost or stolen, contact the Customer Service, which operates within 24 hours. Phone: (+994 12) 5984697 or 194; Deduction of commission fees for card transactions is carried out in accordance with the Bank's current tariffs;