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Internet Banking for Individuals

 Internet Banking for Individuals


You can now use our services and products with Internet Banking without visiting the Bank. Internet banking is a real-time banking program for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individuals can register for Internet Banking in two ways:

1. With customer number;

2. With ASAN Imza;

Registration with the customer number is carried out with the customer number and password provided to you by AFB Bank. While registering with ASAN Imza, you enter your mobile number and user ID. Request sent to ASAN Imza mobile number You confirm with ASAN Imza PIN 1 and the user is selected and logged into the application. Transactions are confirmed by ASAN Imza PIN 2. No PIN is set for login. Registration is also possible by approaching the branch.


The documents required to connect to Internet banking are as follows:

  1. ID card or additional Form for citizens of AR №9
  2. Passport for foreign citizens (copy of entry visa, certificate issued by the Migration Authority)


With Internet banking, you can control account balances, print account statements, make transfers, cashless conversions, open savings accounts, transfer debit card funds, pay service fees and credit debts, and more.