Guarantee - an obligation provided by the Bank to your partner and the Bank undertakes to pay a certain amount. AFB Bank's guarantees will help you grow your business by building new partnerships and launching new projects.

Your Bank offers you the following types of guarantees:


Import guarantees:

 - Payment guarantee;

 - Tender guarantee;

 - Guarantee of fulfillment of obligations;

 - Guaranteed refund of advance payment;

 - Guarantee of fulfillment of guaranteed obligations;

 - Guarantee for loan repayment.


Export guarantees:

 - Notification of guarantees;

 - Issuance of guarantees on the basis of counter-guarantees of other banks.

Your Bank provides you with the following warranty services:

 - Opening, approval and notification of guarantees;

 - Approval of guarantees by correspondent banks;

 - Transfer of warranty information via SWIFT;

 - Provision of consulting services;

 - Opening of guarantees at the expense of customers' own funds;

 - Opening of guarantees on the credit line provided by AFB Bank;

 - Approval of guarantees provided by other banks;