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"First Credit at AFB Bank"

"First Credit at AFB Bank"

Last date: 31.05.2023

AFB Bank has announced its new campaign called "First Credit at AFB Bank" on the occasion of the arrival of spring. The campaign covers the dates from March 13, 2023, to April 15, 2023. For customers who receive cash loans from AFB Bank for the first time, there will be 0% commission. In addition, anyone who receives an official salary or pension will benefit from special advantages related to credit.

  • Annual interest rate: Starting from 12.99%
  • Term: 3 / 48 months
  • Currency: AZN
  • Amount: Up to 30,000 AZN

Detailed information can be obtained from the website, the call center 1545, or the bank's official pages on social networks.

August 2024

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